Mid Century By Tetsuo Takayanagi

Tetsuo Takayanagi built this home in 1959 for his sister Ukai Takayanagi Fumiko and her family. When you have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge mixed with an remarkable architect how can you go incorrect? The higher ceilings in the primary living area facing the bay just adds that much much more drama to this spectacular post and beam house. It feels and seems that the home has been kept in practically all original condition. I applaud the owners for respecting the style of the residence and not creating in over in a contemporary manner. I believe I even spy some terrazzo floors going on. Terrazzo is 1 of those materials I believe is a signature design element of a mid century modern property. The location occurs to be on the market. Read More

Five Need To-Know Tips For A Hiring Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a remodeling contractor can be intimidating. Right after all, sometimes it can look like there are as a lot of options out there as there are horror stories. The query is, how does 1 sort via almost everything in order to uncover the excellent fit for your project. Read More

Healthcare Center Turns Modern Day Property

Medical Center turns modern day house is not a phrase you see that a lot. Pleysier Perkins did a spectacular job with this transformation. I would have in no way believed this was anything other than the home it is. I dig the cube or square structure, along with the echoing shape of the windows. How lucky are you if you have area for a live tree in your residence. It feels like there are volumes inside volumes, like the shell homes other pieces. The architecture of the stairs is good. Why am I always drawn to a cool vintage auto and a modern day property? If you have some further time I would go pay a visit to Pleysier Perkins internet site they have some really fantastic projects. Read More