Erby Home By Devine Erby Mazlin

The Erby House by Devine Erby Mazlin situated in Sydney Australia is a uncommon gem. Built in 1971 the house retains most of its mid century design and style charm. I like the horizontal running wood on the interiors, it practically acts like a guide showing a single “around the home”. Not to sound negative what so ever but I do consider there is one too many textures going on: brick, wood walls diverse wood ceilings and the wood built in cabinets with all 3 woods being diverse. There are a lot more photos, all of the information on the house, architect and location on Modern House. Read More

Sophisticated Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler To Shop Your Favored Vintage

Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler
We presented a handful of wine storage cabinets on Freshome, but by no means an individual unit to retailer that prized bottle of vintage. The Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler from designer Fran Corvi of Argentina-based studio PPi3D comes with a sleek and very original look. The project is totally created of strong concrete, yet makes 1 believe of precious jewelry: “Inspired by the simplicity of stone, the cooler’s clean, sharp planes offer a refined interpretation of the facets of a gem.”
concepts wine cooler style
The strikingly modern day piece is rooted in designer Francisco Corvi’s heritage: “In Argentina, wine is a symbol of higher society. The wine cooler is a piece of me, my roots and my life.” According to the official description, concrete is an best functional medium for sustaining temperature. Which means that when you cool a wine bottle in the fridge, you can ostentatiously display it in the celebration location for a whilst, with no it loosing it optimum drinking properties. Read More