Made To Enhance Creativity: Contemporary Madison Residence In Kansas City, USA

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When designing Madison Residence in Kansas City, Missouri, the architects at KEM Studio decided to put aside functionality (as a beginning point for the style) and produce one thing inspired by the owners’ life-style. Three primary directions had been identified in the course of the research method: “The first was for the new house to be modern day, minimal and sustainable: focus on the experience with volume, light and interactions far more than square footage. Second was to emphasize the interaction of the residence with the site and hillside: draw from the owner’s rural background and her unconventional, creative interpretations. The third was direction was super-efficiency”. In spite of a small budget, this modern property is low maintenance and sustainable.
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These 3 challenges have been approached with originality: “The style met these objectives and responded to her life-style as a writer, musician, runner, cinephile and inventive spirit. Functionally it translates into a 1,200 sf, two-bedroom, two-bath property on a modest spending budget”, explained the architects. The gallery under unveils a spacious house encouraging social activities and entertainment. A minimalist design strategy was required in order to spark creativity at all levels. How would you comment on the all round look and feel of this residence?  [Photography: Mike Sinclair]
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Interiors By Geremia

These interiors by Geremia have a great clean lined approach that produce some really nice contemporary spaces. Lauren Geremia is the founder and principal designer of Geremia Design. I think she does a wonderful job and keeping her interiors simple but profound by employing one of a sort original pieces. I like her choice of art, specially when utilized in a huge format. If you study these spaces you will see furniture, lighting and finishes that have been created just for their respective spaces. Read More

Ingenious Addition To Tiny Victorian Residence In Dublin: The “Scale Of PLY” Project

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By employing plywood in a creative manner, the team at NOJI Architects remodeled Scale of PLY, a Victorian two-level building in Dublin, Ireland. Dark and uncomfortably small, the construction was cleverly upgraded: “The redesign of the ground floor knocked the ground floor walls in the return to open out the kitchen into a new extended kitchen/ dining space. The layout maximizes the South West orientation and makes it possible for both internal window seat and external covered regions to relate to the garden.” This new addition displays a series of triangular plains, interconnected for a potent visual impact.
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Residential Interiors By Co.Studio

These clean minimal residential interiors by Co.Studio are great. It is not to frequently that I look at a physique of work and I really like every thing. All of that walnut in the initial image, in a way flips the scrip as we are mainly conditioned to seeing wood like that on the floors. The second image has an end reduce floor that creates unique pattern. The black kitchen in pics 6 and ten is so minimal and elegant. Read More

Nordic Design Living Room Picture Appreciation

Nordic design living room picture appreciation
Complete fitting case area, Nordic design sets for 2014 the latest popular decoration living room picture appreciation _ of Meshech and rabbit pictures, daily updates up to hundreds of Scandinavian design living room picture appreciation _ of Meshech and classic design case renovation renderings of rabbits, it is worth a look! Read More